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Welcome to the home-site of the one and only professional wrestling federation in Russia - Independent Wrestling Federation !!! Founded in July 2002 by Vadim Koriagin, big wrestling enthusiast, IWF tries to expand the international popularity of pro-wrestling over the huge russian territories by live performances of our own grown wrestlers. IWF recruits and trains those young extreme individuals from different parts of Russia and nearby countries, who are hungry to beat a living hell out of each other and give the crowd one hell of experience not seen anywhere else in our country !!! Starting from early 2003, shows are held about once a months. Since then, IWF wrestlers alltogether made over 200 matches, from classic one-on-one to tag-team action and 3-way hardcore matches. We welcome you to have a glimpse of in-the-ring action at our "Video" section. If you are a wrestler, we always welcome you to take a part in a process, or, if you are a wrestling fan, you are welcomed to visit our live bouts. And we will be very grateful if you decide to support developing of pro-wrestling culture in russian territories in any ways !

You can always contact us at:

Mickey Rourke exclusive interview for IWF

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